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Facilities that treat patients or see clients often use furniture with vinyl upholstery. Synthetic leather gives medical offices a durable and affordable solution. Vinyl is a practical choice that is easy to clean and moisture resistant. Vinyl fabric is common in waiting and visiting rooms where patients are seen. Over time, you may need vinyl reupholstery in your Detroit medical office. Our local shop offers professional services for those providing patient care and treatment. Exam and dental chairs are expensive for practices to replace. New vinyl upholstery gives businesses a more cost-effective option. Our expert craftsmanship skills can repair or replace synthetic leather on furniture.

exam room table Reupholstery Detroit MI

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    Exam Chair Reupholstery Detroit MI

    Frequent appointments and regular patients take a toll on exam chair upholstery. Vinyl is easy to clean and offers affordability ideal for medical offices. Synthetic leather is durable but eventually will wear down in busy offices. Optometrists and other doctors can cut replacement costs with exam chair reupholstery services. We can refurbish vinyl seating to save you on new furniture costs. Our local shop performs exam chair reupholstery to Greater Detroit and Ann Arbor. We can match the vinyl or change the color completely to give it a new look. Furniture reupholstery presents a neat and clean look to visiting patients. Our commercial services help maintain exam chairs for eye doctors and physicians. We provide free estimates and competitive prices on vinyl reupholstery to medical offices.

    Massage Table Reupholstery Detroit Michigan

    Reupholstery Detroit MI

    Professional massage tables are expensive, and the upholstery wears down over time. Instead of purchasing new furniture, we can refurbish it for your business. Our local company offers massage table reupholstery services to Greater Detroit. Commercial customers include day spas, chiropractors, and physical therapy offices. Many massage tables and other furniture use vinyl upholstery because of its affordability. Synthetic leather is easy to keep clean and durable. However, the vinyl can tear or rip over time when working on patients or clients. Massage table reupholstery restores the furniture and extends its longevity. Our experts will work with you on the color and type of vinyl for your office. We offer free quotes and can send out fabric samples to your business.

    Dental Chair Reupholstery and Repair

    Dental chair upholstery costs less than purchasing brand new equipment for offices. As you see more patients, furniture begins to fade and tear. Reupholstery and repair services help you maintain a clean and professional look. For over 30 years, our local company has been serving the Greater Detroit Area. Dentists searching for “reupholstery near me” can have us restore your chairs. We also service stools and seating in waiting room areas for our customers. Dental chair reupholstery and repairs upkeep your furniture. Your patients will also feel more comfortable and at ease. More modern dental chairs use vinyl because of its practicality and lower cost. Older, vintage models have leather, which our upholstery shop can also restore. We also offer dental chair repair services to fix rips, holes, or tears. Our professionals have superior craftsmanship and can match the existing upholstery. Repairs extend a dental chair's lifespan and save on the cost of replacing the furniture.

    Get a free quote on vinyl reupholstery and repairs for your office in Greater Detroit. Contact us by calling or filling out our online form. We look forward to assisting you with your upholstery needs!

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