Auto Reupholstery Detroit

We have been performing auto reupholstery to Greater Detroit for over 30 years. Our professionals have expert craftsmanship to enhance your vehicle’s interior. You can select leather, vinyl, fabric, or custom auto upholstery. You also get to choose the best color, style, and pattern tailored to you. We work on cars, SUVs, vans, and trucks and can restore seating or other interior features. Our experts can match new fabrics to existing ones for you. Auto reupholstery offers a great solution if you have worn-out areas or want a fresh look. The value of your vehicle will also go up after we service it. Our local shop works on all types of cars, including luxury and classic. Auto reupholstery delivers comfort and aesthetics to a vehicle’s interior. We offer free quotes and competitive prices on our professional auto reupholstery services.

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    Car Seating Reupholstery Detroit MI

    Many DIY kits are on the market and promise quick and easy car seating reupholstery. However, it can take you days to install new seat covers. Customers across Greater Detroit turn to us when they need “car upholstery near me.” Our local company offers professional and high-quality services. Auto upholstery can change the look of car seats or restore worn-out ones. During the service, we remove the seats and can add new cushioning if needed. We then finish the job with leather, vinyl, or fabric car upholstery. Our experts can match seating to your vehicle's existing colors and materials. We work on personal and commercial vehicles of all makes and models. Car seating reupholstery increases the value of your automobile. We refurbish driver’s and passenger seats, including row and bench seating. New auto upholstery makes your car more comfortable and stylish.

    Custom Auto Upholstery Detroit MI

    Custom auto upholstery lets you create and design your car’s interior. We work on all types of vehicles, including SUVs, vans, and trucks across Detroit. Choose vinyl, fabric, or leather for your custom auto upholstery job. You pick the colors, materials, and finish you want for your vehicle’s interior. Our professionals work on seats, armrests, consoles, and any other areas with fabric. Custom auto reupholstery helps restore luxury or classic cars by tailoring their appearance. We can help you design a sporty, elegant, or traditional look featuring one or more colors. Our professionals can stitch custom upholstery for your car. We have expert craftsmanship and can create a pleated, diamond, or tufted finish. You can get a free quote on custom auto upholstery in Greater Detroit and Ann Arbor. Synthetic leather is an affordable and attractive option if you're worried about costs. We can work within your budget and deliver the perfect look for you. 

    custom auto Reupholstery Detroit MI

    Auto Leather Reupholstery Detroit Michigan

    car seating Reupholstery Detroit MI

    Pamper yourself and add luxury to your vehicle with auto leather reupholstery services. We transform car seating, consoles, and armrests. Our professionals can convert old fabric to leather or restore existing upholstery. You can select a classic or contemporary color for your vehicle’s interior. Auto leather reupholstery lets you choose a grain that best matches your style. We work on all types of cars, including high-end or older models. Leather upholstery is a premium material that delivers elegance, class, beauty, and durability. For over 30 years, we have worked on vehicles across Greater Detroit and Ann Arbor. Leather auto reupholstery improves the appearance of your car and raises its value. We take pride in our work and guarantee complete satisfaction.

    For “auto reupholstery near me,” contact our shop in the Greater Detroit Area. You can get a free quote by calling or filling out the online form. We offer friendly professional car upholstery services and competitive prices. Our local company looks forward to assisting you!