Furniture Reupholstery Detroit MI

For professional furniture reupholstery in Detroit, our local company guarantees the best service. We can restore lackluster or damaged chairs, sofas, headboards, and ottomans. Furniture reupholstery preserves antiques, family heirlooms, or high-end pieces. With expert craftsmanship, we can change the appearance or restore the original look. We work with leather, vinyl, fabric, and custom upholstery. You get to choose the color, materials, pattern, and style. Our staff will help you design the perfect furniture piece for your home or business. We work on small jobs to large projects at our upholstery shop in Carleton, Michigan. Many customers wonder if it’s easier just to buy new furniture or extend the life of existing items. To help decide, our local company offers free quotes on furniture reupholstery. We can send fabric samples and discuss if we need to strip down the entire piece or repair sections. You’ll have a piece of furniture that showcases your style and enhances interior design. 

seat upholstery Detroit MI

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    Chair Reupholstery Detroit MI

    If you have a favorite chair that has seen better days, reupholstery services can restore it. We refurbish all types of seating across Greater Detroit and Ann Arbor, MI. For anyone searching for “chair upholstery near me,” our local shop is here to help. Our professionals can make drab-looking furniture easier on the eyes. We can refinish high-end, luxury, or antique seats in desperate need of repair. Residential and commercial customers rely on us for chair reupholstery services. We work on accent seating, home office furniture, recliners, and chaise lounges. We can also refurbish ottomans that complement the pieces and benches with fabric. For dining areas, we offer bar stool and kitchen chair reupholstery. You select the material, color, design, and style you want. We work with vinyl, cloth, leather, and custom upholstery featuring accents. Our team has expert craftsmanship and years of experience. We can create a tufted pattern with buttons or nailheads. Chair reupholstery adds definition to furniture where it stands out in a room. We help extend the life of residential and commercial seating. Our local upholstery shop can service one or multiple chairs. We offer free quotes to Greater Detroit and Ann Arbor, Michigan. 

    Sofa Reupholstery Detroit MI

    Sofa reupholstery can give you a long-lasting piece of furniture to enjoy for many years. We can bring an older couch back to life or repair damaged areas. You can express your personal taste with sofa reupholstery services. You can choose a colorful, contemporary, or traditional design that matches your style. Choose from fabric, vinyl, or leather upholstery in the color and texture you want. We also offer custom design services on sofas, couches, loveseats, and sectionals. Our staff can replace cushions, paddings, webbing, and springs in furniture. During sofa reupholstery, we can also repair split seams, holes, and tears. Couches are an important element in rooms because of their size and function. Sofas serve as a comfortable spot to relax or for decorative purposes. Regardless of what you use the furniture for, reupholstery upkeeps the integrity. We have expert craftsmanship to give you the visual appeal and finish you want. Our professionals perform sofa reupholstery on luxury and antique furniture. You can get a free estimate on service and discuss your options with us. Our local upholstery shop in Carleton, MI, serves Greater Detroit and Ann Arbor.

    couch Reupholstery Detroit MI

    Ottomans and Footstools Upholstery Detroit Michigan

    furniture Reupholstery Detroit MI

    Ottomans and footstools often get mistaken as being the same type of furniture. In the interior design world, the two pieces are different. Our shop provides reupholstery services on both ottomans and footstools. The primary purpose of the furniture is to be functional and serve as a resting spot for feet and legs. Ottomans and footstools often complement a chair or sofa and have comfortable upholstery. Both pieces of furniture come in different shapes and sizes. We offer leather, vinyl, fabric, and custom reupholstery on footrests. Ottomans are more versatile, and some can serve as a seat or coffee table. Footstools are generally lower to the floor and can’t be used as chairs. If you need reupholstery on either type of furniture, our experts can help. We also service storage ottomans and tufted coffee tables across Greater Detroit, MI. Furniture reupholstery delivers a new look or replaces the damaged fabric. We can also restore the chairs or couches that pairs with the ottoman or footstool.

    Custom Fabric Upholstery Services Detroit

    The beauty of custom fabric upholstery services is that you get to design your furniture. If you can’t seem to find the perfect piece for your home or business, have us create it. You can choose custom fabric upholstery with the materials and finish you want. We work with soft, smooth cloths like cotton and durable fabric like wool. Our expert designers and staff will work with you to select the ideal pattern and texture. Custom fabric upholstery services include printed designs or solid colored. You’ll get a piece of furniture that expresses your style that can be cherished for years. We can also add ornamental accents that deliver exceptional beauty and superior craftsmanship. Our professionals can tuft custom upholstery to give the furniture a dimensional effect. We can hand-craft or sew buttons to secure the geometric design you choose. Another delicate accent is nailhead trim or upholstery tacks. These soft touches make any piece of furniture piece look even more magnificent. Anyone in the Greater Detroit Area or Ann Arbor can enjoy our services. Those looking for the “best custom upholstery near me” will be pleased with our local company.

    Antique Furniture Reupholstery and Repair Detroit

    You may have found a beautiful piece of antique furniture at an estate sale or had one handed down. Our 2nd generation family-owned business understands the importance of tradition. We offer antique furniture reupholstery services that preserve timeless beauty. Our local shop also offers repair services to Greater Detroit and Ann Arbor, Michigan. Choose from fabric, vinyl, or leather upholstery for your restoration project. Our professionals have expert craftsmanship that maintains the elegance of antique furniture. Reupholstery services extend the longevity of valuable and meaningful pieces. Preservation of antiques is critical and why our upholstery shop offers repair services. If your furniture has scratches, tears, or cuts, we can help. Our professionals can also perform button and seam repairs. We can match the existing upholstery if the antique furniture has stains that won’t come out. For stuffing coming out or any damage beyond repair, we can do a complete restoration. Antique furniture reupholstery can completely change the appearance or duplicate the original look. 

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    furniture Reupholstery Detroit MI