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    Furniture Reupholstery and More

    Thank you for visiting our website! Our company provides quality upholstery services for businesses and homeowners alike. We are a local family owned business, working in upholstery for over 30 years. Specializing in fabric and vinyl reupholstery, we cater to many clients that need professional upholstery for their restaurant, bar, practice, medical office, gym or rehabilitation centers, dental offices, chiropractic offices, massage chairs and many more! 

    We also do marine and boat upholstery – specifically benches, seating, consoles, bolster seats, and leaning posts. (we do not do covers or canvas) 

    Please see below a complete list of our services, and if you are local and searching online for “upholstering near me” we are the ones to call! Expert in our craft, friendly service, and top notch work! We look forward to serving you.


    Our Services

    Upholstery Repair

    Furniture Upholstery

    Restaurant Seating Upholstery

    Medical Office Upholstery

    Chair Upholstery

    Headboard Upholstery

    Sofa Reupholstery

    Our Furniture Repair Shop

    A lot of the residential projects we do are restoring and reupholstering expensive furniture, chairs, ottomans, sofas, headboards and other pieces that often times are family heirlooms or pieces of value. Giving your furniture a new look is a great way to make it look like new again, replace any worn out, faded and tattered fabrics, as well as improve it’s longevity and function. It’s also a great time to select new colors and patterns for your furniture! 

    For the commercial projects we service awide variety of businesses such as physical therapy offices, medical offices, dental or chiropractic offices that all have tables and chairs with vinyl coverings that need replacing. This type of equipment has to be well made to withstand frequent use of all shapes, weights and sizes of people. Our attention to detail and level of skill with vinyl reupholstery is the best in the biz! Call today to get exceptional pricing and excellent value for reupholstery on any of your business equipment in need of a facelift. If you are in need of an “upholsterer near me” give us a call.

    How It Works

    If you have pieces that need to be reupholstered, please send us a photo along with your request for service by filling out the form on this page. We can provide you with a quote for the upholstery, and conveniently schedule a time to come pick up your piece(s) to be repaired at our shop in Carleton. (Some travel fees may apply for locations further away)

    We will also give you an estimate date on when your items will be finished and ready for pick up or delivery.

    Thank you for trusting us with your reupholstery needs! We appreciate your business.

    Quality Upholstery Services

    Customers turn to us to preserve antique furniture, family valuables, and high-end pieces. You can choose from a wide selection of colors, patterns, styles, and fabric types. We work with different textures of vinyl, cloth, and leather upholstery. If you want a custom design, our experts can bring your vision to life. Accents like buttons and decorative nails help tailor furniture to reflect your taste. Our upholsters have superior craftsmanship and pay fine attention to detail. We take pride in what we do and love redesigning furniture to suit your home or business.

    Reupholstery Detroit

    Reupholstery services save you from purchasing new furniture. Our experienced team will work with you on any restoration projects you have. You can get a free estimate and let us know what type of restoration you need. Our family-owned business will go over options and costs with you. We guarantee exceptional service and results that you’ll absolutely love.

    Fix Your Furniture and Save Money with Pro Reupholstery

    DIY reupholstery projects are extensive and challenging to take on by yourself. Hiring professionals ensures a high-quality job that’s done right. Our local company offers reupholstery services across Greater Detroit, MI. We work on all types of residential and commercial furniture. If you have a high-end item, reupholstery is a wise investment. As long as the framing is in good condition, we can upgrade the furniture. With expert craftsmanship, we can replace the padding, springs, and fabric. Reupholstery services revamp furniture that you want to showcase in a room. Our professionals finish the items with vinyl, leather, cloth, or custom upholstery. You choose the color, texture, and print that best reflects your style. If you need help, we can provide information and samples for the interior design project. 

    You can stop searching for “reupholstery near me” in Detroit, MI. For your convenience, we offer free quotes and can provide pickup and delivery. Please note additional fees may apply for travel.

    Local Upholstery Shop Serving Greater Detroit Michigan / Ann Arbor

    We’re proud to be the best local upholstery shop serving Greater Detroit and Ann Arbor, Michigan. Located in Carleton, we have plenty of space for restoration projects. Our family-owned company offers furniture, boat, and auto reupholstery services. Residential and commercial customers can rely on us for exceptional results. Our professionals have expert craftsmanship and work with vinyl, leather, and fabric upholstery. We can also help you design a custom style to personalize your furniture or car’s interior. You can have us do complete reupholstery, minor touchups, or repairs. We can match existing colors to refurbish sections of items that need service. New upholstery can also offer a total transformation by changing furniture’s appearance. Our services extend the life of high-end and valuable pieces in homes and businesses.

    When you need “reupholstery near me,” our local shop is here for you. We promise expert craftsmanship, a high-quality job, and customer satisfaction.

    Commercial Reupholstery Services

    Commercial reupholstery services can restore the furniture in your Detroit business. With customers coming in and out, fabrics may start to tear or fade. Guests often notice ragged or outdated furniture. New upholstery can repair damage like rips and holes to give you a fresh look. Many commercial customers use synthetic leather. Vinyl upholstery is durable, affordable, and easy to clean. We also work with custom, fabric, and genuine leather to suit your business needs.

    Here are some commercial reupholstery services we provide across Greater Detroit:

    • Restaurant seating including booths, chairs, stools, and ottoman tables 
    • Bar stools and other pub seating in need of new upholstery
    • Medical facilities with exam chairs and waiting room seating
    • Dentist offices and dental chair upholstery in vinyl or leather
    • Physical therapy and chiropractor offices with tables and furniture 
    • Massage tables and other furniture for spas or practitioners 
    • Optometrist offices that need exam chair reupholstery 
    • Indoor gym equipment including seating, exercise, and weight benches 
    • Hair salons and barbershops with vinyl or leather chair upholstery 
    • Hotel rooms, lobbies, or areas with furniture
    • All other types of businesses

    Our local shop provides commercial reupholstery services to small and large companies. Our professionals also offer auto reupholstery for commercial vehicles.

    Residential Reupholstery

    Residential reupholstery is an alternative to buying new furniture. If you own antique pieces or family heirlooms, we can preserve them. Our local upholstery shop serves Greater Detroit and Ann Arbor. We can repair significant damage or create a more stylish element for your home. Reupholstery removes scratches, tears, and stains. We can also fix padding coming out from the furniture or ripped seams. We specialize in replacing springs, webbing, and cushioning. You get to select the best pattern, color, texture, and materials to match your room. We also service some types of outdoor patio furniture and chair cushions. 

    Here are some residential furniture reupholstery projects we do:

    • Sofas, loveseats, and couches, including sectionals and loungers
    • Chairs like recliners, dining room seating, bar stools, and home office furniture
    • Ottomans, footstools, and benches, including ones that have storage space
    • Headboards in bedrooms with fabric, vinyl, or leather upholstery
    • Some outdoor patio furniture, including seating and cushions

    We complete reupholstery jobs at our local shop in Carleton, MI. We do large-scale projects, including sectional couches or several dining room chairs. You can also have us convert your home furniture. We can remove old fabric upholstery and change it to leather. No matter the size and shape, our experts can restore your furniture. We’ll work with you on the design and style. Get a free quote to determine if residential reupholstery is right for you

    Revive Your Furniture

    Commercial and residential customers benefit from our furniture reupholstery services in MI. Our upholstery shop serves local communities in Greater Detroit and Ann Arbor. When furniture begins to wear out or becomes damaged, our company can help. We take on all sizes and types of furniture reupholstery projects. Our experts preserve family heirlooms or antique pieces to extend their life. Instead of shopping for new furniture, consider reupholstery for your home or business. Our professionals restore the luster and beauty of high-end or meaningful pieces.

    Our services include designing custom upholstery for customers. You can have us add fine details to accentuate the pattern. We can add buttons to create a tufted style or install upholstery tacks. Furniture projects include couches, loveseats, sectionals, footstools, ottomans, and headboards. We can strip down a sofa to replace the padding and springs or repair sagging if needed. Then, our professionals finish the furniture with the upholstery you chose. The original framework stays, but you get a newly designed piece. We also offer chair reupholstery services for homes and businesses. Updating your seating makes a room more comfortable and visually appealing.

    Sofa and Chair Reupholstery

    Furniture disposal can be tedious because you need to haul it away and find somewhere that takes it. To save you time and stress, you may want to consider sofa and chair reupholstery. If the framework is in good condition, restoration is an eco-friendly solution. Sofa reupholstery saves space in landfills and extends the furniture’s longevity. We can update the look or replace worn-out fabric and cushions for you. We also offer custom designs that you can create.

    After sofa and chair reupholstery, your furniture will look and feel new. We can do a full or partial restoration on sectionals, loveseats, and couches. Chair reupholstery benefits residential and commercial customers. Our professionals work on all types of seating and stools. We specialize in dental chair upholstery and other seating in medical offices. Our local shop also restores antique furniture, restaurant seating, and bar stools. You can get a free quote on sofa and chair reupholstery services in Greater Detroit. To make the process easier on you, we also can pick up and deliver the furniture. An additional fee may apply.

    Leather Reupholstery

    armchair Reupholstery Detroit MI

    Leather furniture delivers a timeless and classic look with superior quality. We understand not wanting to part with a beloved sofa or chair. Our professional leather reupholstery services help preserve valuable furniture. Whether you have a high-end piece you purchased or something that’s been in the family for years, we can restore it. Our shop also works on antique furniture with leather upholstery. We offer residential and commercial leather reupholstery services to the area. Our experts will maintain the beauty and integrity of your furniture. We work on all sizes of projects, with no job being too small. Leather reupholstery services include repairing damage like missing buttons or ripped seams.

    Leather reupholstery can dramatically enhance the appearance of your furniture. You don’t need to worry about having to get rid of your luxury couch or chair. No longer only available in traditional brown, leather upholstery comes in many colors. Our team will work with you on a classic, contemporary, or custom design. You can choose different patterns and grains for your leather reupholstery project. Leather reupholstery restores the luster while adding a focal point to rooms. You can get a free quote by sending us a photo of the leather furniture that needs restoration.

    Vinyl Reupholstery

    Vinyl, a more affordable alternative to leather, is common in homes and businesses. The versatile material comes in various colors and finishes. Many commercial customers choose synthetic leather. Vinyl upholstery is durable, easy to clean, and cost-effective. Our local shop can give your furniture a new look or repair damaged fabric. Despite its durability, vinyl eventually wears down. Scratches, rips, and holes can happen like any other furniture material.

    Vinyl reupholstery offers a solution to wear and tear from age, children, or guests. Our professionals can match the color to the existing one if you need repairs. We can also change the appearance and finish of chairs and sofas. You can choose a contemporary style or a retro glossy design. We provide free estimates and can guide you through the design process. If you’re in Greater Detroit, searching for “vinyl reupholstery near me,” contact us.

    Auto Reupholstery

    Personalize your vehicle’s interior or replace worn fabric with auto reupholstery services. We refurbish seats in personal and commercial cars, trucks, SUVs, and vans. Have us replace any auto upholstery that’s run down or needs updating. You can choose the style you want in a wide variety of colors and designs. Our experts restore front and passenger row seating to make rides more comfortable. We change the cushions and install either vinyl, leather, or custom upholstery. Our professionals can refurbish other areas in the vehicle, like armrests or consoles. We can restore any interior features with fabric in your car. Auto reupholstery gives you the style and look that you want.

    Changing car upholstery as a DIY project can be burdensome because the seats need to be removed. The fabric needs to be taken off and replaced. If you purchase a kit from a store or online, the dimensions may not fit your vehicle.

    custom auto Reupholstery Detroit MI

    We service all types of automobiles, including luxury and classic cars. Some customers have worn out upholstery and want more comfortable seating. Others want to achieve a sporty style or have an individual unique, custom design. We bring your vision to life by enhancing the vehicle’s interior fabric. Also, new car upholstery, especially leather, increases your vehicle’s trade-in value.

    Custom Upholstery Services

    Custom upholstery services allow you to create furniture that is unique to you. With so many colors and patterns, you can design a piece to express yourself. Our staff will work with you on the materials and visuals. To create a customized look, you can select vinyl, leather, or fabric upholstery. Our experts can add contrast by combining different fabrics to make a statement. Custom upholstery services cover any furniture piece, including headboards. We have excellent craftsmanship and can also blend different finishes. Residential and commercial customers can design a style they truly love. Contact our local shop if you need “custom upholstery near me.” in Greater Detroit. We love taking on personalized projects that bring your vision to life.

    We can carefully craft tufted furniture featuring a geometric pattern with buttons. Custom upholstery adds texture, definition, and elegance. We also can install nailheads as a decorative element for sofas and chairs. You can go with a contemporary or classic design to stand out in a room. Delicate details make any piece of furniture more refined and beautiful. Let us know what you have in mind for custom upholstery, and we’ll design it for you. Our professional services refinish furniture and make it last for years to come.

    Marine Upholstery Services

    boat seating Reupholstery Detroit MI

    Boat owners near Detroit can stop searching for “marine upholstery near me.” Our local family-owned shop services seats, bolsters, posts, and consoles. Most boat upholstery uses vinyl materials due to its durability. You want a water-resistant and long-lasting material that also offers UV protection. Please note we don’t work on canvas, covers, or Bimini tops. New boat seat upholstery increases the value if you plan on selling. You can have us upgrade the look or maintain a boat you have owned for years.

    For recently purchased used boats, marine upholstery will dramatically improve the appearance. Our local shop works with vinyl, leather, and fabric materials. If you want more luxurious upholstery for the interior, we can meet your needs. We also service the city of Ann Arbor and will have you out on the water in no time. Boat upholstery adds comfort with new cushions and a new finish that feels great. We can create the style you want for entertaining guests or fishing. Marine upholstery services let you choose the color and pattern you want. We’ll work with you to bring you a look tailored to your tastes.

    Why Choose Us

    Trust our local company when searching for “upholstery near me” in Detroit or Ann Arbor, MI. We’re a 2nd generation family-owned business with a shop in Carleton. For over 30 years, we have been serving the local communities. We offer professional reupholstery services to residential and commercial customers. No matter the size of the project, we have the resources to complete it. We guarantee professional results, expert craftsmanship, and complete satisfaction. Our upholstery company will help preserve and restore your meaningful furniture. To make things easier, our team can deliver and pick up the pieces for service. 

    Have us perform reupholstery on any furniture you have in your home or business. We restore chairs, sofas, ottomans, footstools, and headboards. Our Carleton shop works with leather, fabric, vinyl, and custom upholstery. You can get a free quote on any service across Greater Detroit and Ann Arbor. Our local Michigan company also specializes in boat and auto upholstery. We offer complete and partial restoration services along with repair. New upholstery can fix ripped seams, tears, holes, and scratches. Our experts can also restore broken buttons on furniture.

    Contact us for the most trusted company offering “upholstery near me” across Detroit. Get a free estimate by calling or filling out the online form. You can send us pictures of your items that need reupholstery. Our team will discuss materials, fabric, and color choices with you. We look forward to serving you!

    Areas We Service

    Based out of Carleton Michigan, we service all of Monroe County, Wayne County, Washtenaw County and Lenawee County which includes Ann Arbor, Detroit, Canton, Westland, Taylor, Dearborn, Belleville, Carleton, Steiner, London, Milan, Dundee and more.

    We include a travel fee for pick up and delivery for locations further away. Please call for details!